United Against Tobacco

The United Against Tobacco campaign aims to reduce health risks by raising awareness of the dangers of tobacco and challenging cultural norms around tobacco use in the Eastern Mediterranean region.  

The Campaign

United Against Tobacco focused on countries in the Eastern Mediterranean region with high rates of tobacco use.

4 countries

Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, and Palestine participated in this initiative


Number of people reached by the campaign


People in Eastern Mediterranean region that smoke tobacco. In some countries, male tobacco use is as high as 67%

Featured Campaign Materials

A spotlight of some of the best campaign materials created for United Against Tobacco

“Quit Smoking, Don’t Quit on Life”

This public service announcement from Jordan, called “Echo,” encourages people to quit using tobacco by showing the consequences.

“Waterpipe: Ice Cream”

Audio message about the dangers of sharing waterpipes (with COVID-19 warning).

Testimonial: Ahmad Mostafa

Video testimonial by Ahmad Mostafa of Egypt showing the health consequences of smoking.